Dynamics 365 for Field service

Dynamics 365 for Field service solution is not only improving your key metrics today, but is a solid foundation to implement and integrate technological enhancements as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence etc. Key functional areas in Dynamics 365 for Field service are designed to optimize the end-to-end process from the initial customer contact through the cycle of work being scheduled, delivered, accepted and invoiced afterwards.
Field Service


Dynamics 365 for Field service has a lot of optimization capabilities. See more about the process and the main benefits of each key point of the process.



Get insights from industry reports. Look at the Top 5 Industry Challenges, how Field service management solutions are helping to solve them and what are the benefits.

Connected Field Service

Connected Field Service

Connected field service expands on the features of traditional field service management solutions. If your company use basic field service management tools, it is time for the next step.

What is the value
Dynamics 365 for Field service

Increased customer satisfaction due to more accurate arrival times, transparency of work performed, and preventative maintenance

Decrease in average travel time by scheduling jobs to closest technicians saves time and reduces fleet maintenance costs

Improved first time fix rate from always having the part, instructions, and skills to succeed before arriving onsite

Increase service calls per technician with optimized schedules and standardization and measurement of onsite visits

Addresses issues faster by monitoring devices remotely. Automatically determines and scheduled resources when field technicians are needed

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