Solution capabilities in Field Service

Solution capabilities in Field Service include work orders, schedule assistant, schedule board, resource management, asset tracking, multi-warehouse inventory, mobile capabilities, geocoding and RMAs and RTVs management. Those features improve the process and increase the efficiency.
Work orders

Work orders

Work order is the centric entity within Dynamics 365 for field service, which collects all information on customer’s case and keeps links to all other related activities within the system.

  • Lists all the details, required to complete the job: resources, activities, step-by-step instructions and tasks, required skills, products
  • Different categorizations for the type of work to be done (maintenance, incidents, etc.), as well as custom statuses which require specific actions to be taken
  • Workflow to navigate the work order end-to-end

Schedule Assistant

The schedule assistant is a semi-automated engine, which enables the user to find and schedule correct resources.

  • Available query constraints are Duration; Radius; Start & End days; Territory; Resource types and skills; preferences;
  • Different options to display multiple results with details which allow user to make the best possible choice.
Schedule and dispatch
Schedule Board

Schedule Board

Schedule board is the visual interpretation of all current bookings by resource and period

  • Drag & Drop capability
  • List of unscheduled resource requirements and option to directly book them within the same screen
  • Manage bookings – cancel, reschedule, create time slots
  • Various filtering options – resource types, territories, organizational units, characteristics, etc.
  • Map view with actual technician locations and routings
  • Different colors based on activities statuses
  • Multiple views option allows users to have grouping, different time zones, filters

Resource Management

Resource management area collects the entire information related to the resources, required to complete the entire service delivery cycle.

  • Define Resources, Resource Roles and Categories, Characteristics (skills and certifications), Users, Equipment, Accounts, Contacts, etc. used for service delivery.
  • Create links and groups of categorizations to better fulfill resource requirements and schedule work
Resource Management
Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking functionality keeps record of customer’s serviced items and service locations.

  • Hierarchy organization of customer assets supports records on asset components
  • Specific asset information is logged into the system and is linked to all related customer’s work orders

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

In warehouse inventory area different locations are stored, product inventory and all inventory movements are managed.

  • Multiple physical locations (warehouses or trucks) are available providing product inventory information on hand and on orders
  • Purchase orders, receipts, bills, transfers, adjustments with different statuses and work order links
  • Options to integrate with accounting system
Multi-Warehouse Inventory


Mobile application functionality supports technicians to access all necessary information and complete the assigned work.

  • Running on mobiles, tablets, laptops, supports Windows 10, iOS 6+, Android
  • Support of online and offline mode
  • Access to all customers’ information as accounts, contacts, agreements, work orders, products, as well as personal bookings, calendars, work off requests
  • Real time update on assigned work in order to provide schedulers with necessary information and take actions if required


Geocoding capability in Dynamics 365 for field service allows travel time to be calculated for technicians based on their start/ end or current location and customer location

  • Defined latitude and longitude for every customer’s location, which are inherited for very work order
  • With maps integration and mobile app, latitude and longitude are available for field agents as well
Manage RMAs and RTVs

Manage RMAs and RTVs

Three different options are supported for product returns: RTV (return to vendor), change equipment ownership and return to warehouse.

  • Any return is managed via RMA (return merchandise authorization), where information for work order, quantities, units and price list is supported


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