Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field service

Dynamics 365 for Field service solution is not only improving your key metrics today, but is a solid foundation to implement and integrate technological enhancements as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence etc.
Field Service process graphic
Service agreements

Service agreements

  • Service Forecasting: Automatic work order and invoice creation in advance, based on agreed terms and expiration dates. Customer asset warranty tracking and service.
  • Accurate Billing: Keeping record of entire customer information as customer assets, locations, agreements, work history, warranties, etc. allows thorough billing conformance with customer agreement.
  • SLA Management: Terms and conditions conformance handling. Automatic renewals and notifications.

Schedule and dispatch

  • Smart Scheduling: Scheduling assistant supports user to send out accordingly skilled resources, having necessary equipment and spare parts to the correct location in accordance with customer service agreement. First-time fix rate increase.
  • The Best Technician: Advanced management of technician skills and work order required skills.
  • Optimized Schedules: Increased efficiency and decreased travel time. Optimization engine, based on different criteria, such as resource availability, working time, skills, duration.
Schedule and dispatch
Inventory management

Inventory management

  • Write-off Reduction: Real time information on current inventory and spare parts: mobile and fixed locations.
  • Remote Inventory Access: Mobile client accessibility.
  • Parts Management: Inventory movement transactions – purchase, consumption, transfers, returns.


  • On-time Appointments: Maps integration facilitates routing justification and visualization.
  • Case History & Instructions: Customer orders history availability and detailed case instructions ensure best approach for every case.
  • Work Order Completion: Complete the assignment with mobile application – features available to capture photos, work acceptance by customer and collect payments.
Connected field service

Connected field service

  • Anomaly Detection with IoT: Native IoT integration empowers the system to react based on your readiness: send a notification, troubleshoot or dispatch a technician if required. And this can all happen without user’s interaction.
  • Predictive Maintenance: System created work orders manage all maintenance activities based on parameters tracking and predefined criteria. Proactive service turns the scheduled maintenance into just-in-time maintenance.
  • Work Order Creation: Work orders can be automatically created and scheduled when custom events are triggered.

Customer – centric experience

  • 360 Degree View: Customer Portal allow the customer to raise a case and track all recent and upcoming events.
  • Outbound Communications: Notifications are pushed on various channels (emails, SMS, voice) to keep customers up to date.
  • Technician Visibility: Technician’s activities are available for customers – to keep track on timing, status, details on work done.
Customer experience


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