Innexys presented the different facets of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with 360°view to the client

In January Microsoft organized a free webinar on “How your Sales and Marketing look like through the eyes of your clients with Dynamics 365?” and invited Innexys experts to be the main speakers at the event.

During the webinar, presenters from Innexys team showed a deep knowledge and expertise in the different facets of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering. With practical examples, they demonstrated how the whole business process looks like in the different stages with а 360°view to the client. The presentation explained in details how this business suite can improve the productivity of each company in various aspects like setup of the marketing strategy, sales optimization, customer behavior research, etc.
The solution allows to fit the business needs at companies’ own pace from the cloud. Productive, intelligent and adaptable, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables businesses to change and evolve their processes in real-time using a modern, extensible platform. By integrating familiar products like Outlook and Excel the solution increases the user productivity and customer responses.
It allows to understand customers in completely new way and put together any kind of customer data, pre-built KPIs and have real time updates. The company has the ability to personalize the customer experience and to measure and track the health of customer relationships in an easy way.
The Innexys experts are currently developing extensively CRM and BI Practices of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The company provides end-to-end solutions in Sales and Marketing, BI and Dashboarding to customers in various industries worldwide. They can be contacted for additional information and consultancy on the competencies above at: .

About Innexys
Innexys is dynamic consulting enterprise, part of the BULPROS group of companies. Innexys has deepened its expertise in developing and deploying Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning needs. The company has achieved a Silver Enterprise Resource Planning Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. Their mission is to successfully transform the clients’ businesses by providing end-to-end solutions with a focus on Business Process Management, Business Productivity and Collaboration, and Digital Transformation.